Clan Carruthers Q&A for the day.

Another question from a very concerned member of ‘our’ society who read this on another page. ‘Is this true…. Hello, History is being re-written all the time due to all the new DNA findings, so this is confusing to keep up with it all. It always said that we were a sept of the BruceContinue reading “Clan Carruthers Q&A for the day.”

The border Reivers

The Armchair Archaeologist…. This is the Hermitage Valley from Timothy Pont’s survey of Liddesdale, circa 1583. For ten years, from 1978 until 1988, my family and I lived at Dinleyhaughfoot, just above the “tower” marked as “Graistounhauch” on the map above, and I know this area well. But back in those days, there was noContinue reading “The border Reivers”

William Wallace letter returns to Scotland

A 700-year-old letter thought to have been in the possession of William Wallace has returned to Scotland. The fragile document was held in England after it came to light in the Tower of London in the 1830s. It is now on long-term loan to the National Records of Scotland following an agreement with the NationalContinue reading “William Wallace letter returns to Scotland”

Carruthers right to a Tartan

To understand and appreciate our ability to have a definitive tartan of our own we must first understand its use by families in the borders of Scotland. The history of the use of a clan tartan by Graynes (Reiver families) is definitely not strong. The evidence suggests that if plaid was worn, it was mostContinue reading “Carruthers right to a Tartan”