Regional Representation at the St. Andrews Society Highland Games

Springfield, IL Scottish Highland Games

Jeanne Crouthers Abert Regional Representative for Clan Carruthers Society USA

Clan Carruthers Society USA Regional Representative, Jeanne Crouthers Abert, joined a large line of Scottish Clans at Springfield Area Highland Games hosted by St. Andrew’s Society of Central Illinois Saturday, May 15, 2021 at the Sangamon County Fairgrounds, New Berlin, IL. She reported that on the day of the event it was a little misty but nothing that would cancel the Highland Games.

Anna Friday is on Jeanne’s left and Jamie McGeehan on my right. Both are Scottish born and raised and married Americans.

Jeanne states that there was a very large turn out with a lot of questions asked in regards to our Clan Carruthers as well as how Carruthers connect with other clans. Jeanne was able to answer their questions not only with the Clan Carruthers History binder she had put together but also handing out the Clan Carruthers Society USA brochures.

One of her favorite parts of the games was when she meet and talked to not one but two event attendees who were born and raised in Scotland but married Americans, Anna Friday and Jamie McGeehan.

Anna is on the board of SSAS and she is a event coordinator by trade. She does all the planning for the SSAS. Anna parents still live in Inverness.

Jamie is from southern Scotland. Jamie is a free lance writer/reporter for the American Scottish Foundation. Jamie McGeehan, reporter with the American- Scottish Foundation interviewed Jeanne so it sounds like an article my be coming out way.

They both are wonderful people and so passionate and happy to be in America!

Clan Carruthers broadcast at the St. Andrews Society Highland Games

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