Another question from one of our society members: Did Agnes Douglas, Countess of Argyll (1574 – 3 May 1607) marry John Carruthers 8th of Holmains, eg was she a Carruthers by marriage? Sadly no. This is totally incorrect historically. It is therefore important to check the facts. Not every person out there is a ‘Carruthers’Continue reading “The truth behind..AGNES DOUGLAS, COUNTESS OF ARGYLL”


In 1286, King Alexander III of Scotland was on his way to his new young wife’s bed, during a storm, when he fell over a cliff. Whether his tumble was assisted or not isn’t recorded but his lust-driven freefall to oblivion was to have enormous consequences for the border between Scotland and England. From thisContinue reading “THE BORDER REIVERS”

Clan Carruthers Q&A for the day.

Another question from a very concerned member of ‘our’ society who read this on another page. ‘Is this true…. Hello, History is being re-written all the time due to all the new DNA findings, so this is confusing to keep up with it all. It always said that we were a sept of the BruceContinue reading “Clan Carruthers Q&A for the day.”

Unveiling the Wonders of the People and Culture of Scotland

Scotland has a rich cultural heritage that is unique in its own way. To know more about Scottish people, their food and culture read on. First and foremost I must commend one of our own with this beautiful tartan. I wont mention any names as of yet but those who know him know that heContinue reading “Unveiling the Wonders of the People and Culture of Scotland”